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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Erik’s first 6 weeks of life

We have had quite an exciting first 6 weeks of Erik’s little life! We are almost settling into a routine now that the power is back on, the snow has melted, and we have school smile Erik went for his 1 month check up a week or so ago, and he has gained 2 lbs since birth, quite a feat! He weighed in at 8lb 13 oz, 21.5 inches tall, which makes him 50th percentile for height and weight, and 30th for his little head. He is showing quite a little personality, starting to give us real smiles this week, and interacting with his toys- reaching out to touch them and looking around at family faces. He is quite a night owl, but a good sleeper once he really is asleep. Typically, he has been finally falling asleep around 10 or 11pm, but sleeps till 5 or 6am, so even though I don’t accomplish much in the evening (besides being a feeding machine and baby carrying device), I do get some sleep smile Annalise and Jack love giving Erik toys, surrounding him with cardboard blocks, and holding him for up to 10 seconds.



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