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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stinky Septic Tanks

Of course, this week will be the hottest of the entire summer, and guess what? We have a big, stinky problem. The roto-router guy came yesterday and that poor guy spent 2 hours digging holes in our back yard to unclog the line… and then recommends to have the septic tank pumped. So, today, the S.O.S. Septic Tank guy comes to pump the tank- the kids were very interested in all of the hoses and the big truck, and had LOTS of questions, some too gross to mention here. What is it like without a working toilet? Not fun! I honestly think it is easier to deal with power outages way out here than with no toilet. We have gas heat, so in a power outage, we can at least cook on our gas stove and everything is wired to the generator, so we don’t really have to go without much- hot showers, flushing toilets, they are still around. I really don’t enjoy peeing in my backyard, and Annalise got to use the small potty seat. Maybe I am a little bit grateful that I still have my other 2 kids in diapers- I didn’t have to go visit the neighbors every time they had to “go.” smile I think I need to go disinfect something now…



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