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Friday, August 3, 2007

Growing Up SO Fast!

I cannot believe how the past 7 months have gone… we had that huge windstorm around Christmas time in December, and now my little, teeny tiny baby boy is CRAWLING! He had been rolling around the room, backing himself into corners for weeks, but just a couple of days ago, he wanted a little toy or something so badly, he was going to do anything to get it. He reached his little arm as far as it could go, and took his first slide forward with his leg. We call it the “commando” style of crawling. And he is mastering speed with this method- his arms propelling him forward, with one leg straight, and one leg pushing off. I will have to figure out how to load up video on here. It was the cutest thing, and what fun to see Annalise and Jack rooting him on. They squeal with delight as they see their baby brother Erik mobile. Now I really need to re-evaluate baby proofing again. We had our kitchen remodel back in November and never put the latches back on the cabinets. It will be interesting to see if Erik is the more curious, into everything baby like Annalise was, or more reserved like Jack! Being a mommy is a lot of work, but tons of fun. I am so fortunate to be here on a daily basis to see those milestones.



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