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Monday, August 25, 2008

Crop-o-dile Coolest Tool Ever? or Dud?

I just had the most “duh” moment in a long time… do you have a cropodile?  I have tried it multiple times to punch holes… doesn’t do ANYTHING, no holes, nothing.  So, I just notice tonight little adjustable thingies on the sides- THAT is the hole punch part, and the top is the eyelet setter thing.  I feel so dumb!  I was ready to e-mail the company and say mine was faulty.  I got this thing either last x-mas or the one before and NEVER used it.  I heard you could punch through anything, and when I couldn’t punch through paper, I thought it was broken.  I just punched through my priority mail box like cutting butter.  What else can I punch holes in?  Maybe my aluminum pop can will be next!



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