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Monday, August 4, 2008

Miracle Diapers- a worthy cause

I just came across the neatest website.

It is called Miracle Diapers and basically they are a loan service for cloth diapers.  I forwarded the information on to our local Catholic Church because I know our food pantry is limited to the number of diapers and feminine hygiene products they can give out each week.  I thought I heard something like each woman was allowed 6 pads and/or 10 diapers- well, knowing from personal experience having 2 kids in pull ups at night and the youngest in diapers (this is my SIXTH year of disposable diapers) that 10 disposable diapers will not go far.  Right now, I think my youngest usually goes through 4-5 diapers a day… so, this Miracle Diaper website you can apply to get a package of REUSABLE cloth diapers and wraps for just the cost of shipping (pre-paid mailer for when your child outgrows that size.)  It sounds like a great idea and they can always use donations.

miracle diaper

When my latest baby was born, I tried out a brand called g-diapers.  Apparently Julia Roberts uses these on her babies.  They come in lots of great colors, are a velcro wrap, and have a snap-in plastic liner and then you put this little biodegradeable pad inside.  The little pad is the only thing that isn’t reusable… but get this!  You can either tear the pad apart and swish it in the toilet (only sewers, NOT septics) or you can put a wet pad(no poo poo) in your garden and it will return to the earth.  It is a very GREEN solution.  We tried them for awhile, but have a septic tank, so not the greatest for us.


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