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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Close To My Heart 2009 Retiring List

Complete Retired List for end of 2009

Click above for the complete PDF file.

The Unavailable List BELOW is a companion to the Retired List, and provides a comprehensive record of all items that are out of stock and permanently unavailable.

Item # Description
1012 Eyelet organizer
1220 Cardstock Pink Carnation 12×12
1394 Vellum Paper 12 x 12
1505 Memorabilia Pockets
1758 Gold Brads
1777 Long Reach Punch 1/4″
4206 My Legacy Writers
X278 Cello Envelopes 6.25 x 6.25
X7045B My Reflections Vintage Travel Paper Packet
X7065C Rustic Trail My Stickease
X7078B My Reflections Cutie Pie Paper Packet
X7080B Route 66 Level 2 Paper Packet
X7082B My Reflections Expedition Paper Packet
X7083B My Reflections Let’s Get Together Paper Packet
X7083C Let’s Get Together My Stickease
X7084B Floral Tapestry Level 2 Paper Packet
X7084C Floral Tapestry My Stickease
X7089B My Reflections Life Delights Paper Packet
X7094B My Reflections Paper Garden Paper Packet
X7099A Whoops A Daisy Level 1
X7099B Whoops-A-Daisy Level 2 Paper Packet
X7099C Whoops A Daisy My Stickease
X8527 Simply Snapshots Free Spirit
X8612 My Originals Rex & Friends Card Kit
Z1043 Dimensional Elements Bookplates
Z1083 Amethyst Waxy Flax
Z1084 Olive Waxy Flax
Z1109 Cranberry Brads
Z1110 Brads Spring Blossom Assortment
Z1112 Brads Autumn Harvest Assortment
Z1113 Brads Winter Cozy Assortment
Z1144 Coluzzle Big Circle
Z1253 White Daisy 12″ X 12″ Work-in-Progress Album
Z1254 Black 12″ X 12″ Work-in-Progress Album
Z1255 Chocolate 12″ X 12″ Work-in-Progress Album
Z135 Eyelets Baby Pink
Z141 Eyelets Sunny Yellow
Z151 Eyelets Outdoor Denim
Z157 Eyelets Cranberry
Z168 Eyelets White Daisy
Z179 Chocolate Brads
Z182 Eyelets Bamboo
Z194 My Accents Buttercup
Z198 My Accents Heavenly Blue
Z268 3D Foam Items
Z295 Bigger Brads Spring Harmony
Z296 Bigger Brads Summer Carnival
Z299 Bigger Brads Basic
Z366 Soft Chalks Autumn
Z368 Coluzzle Cutting Mat
Z370 Coluzzle replacement blades
Z371 Coluzzle Circle
Z374 Coluzzle Oval
Z4129 Foundry Plates
Z4201 Shoulder Tote
Z825 Clear Inspirations Friendship Dangles
Z921 Coloring Pencils Primary


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