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Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Puppy

We have been looking for a new puppy over the last few months.  We weren’t sure what we wanted, probably a lab dog or a lab mix.  We looked in Burnese and found out from the breeders that they only live 6-10 years.  They have lots of problems early in life and basically what we were told is that it would be common to have a young dog who became immobile at an early age.  So, we decided against that.  When I found an ad for  Burnese/Border Collie mix, we went to Arlington to check it out.  She was a cutie and was the one I tried to get a week before.  She initially went home with another family, but they ended up bringing her back when their older dog didn’t get along with the new puppy.  So, we went to meet her when I got a second chance.  Our daughter has wanted a dog as long as I can remember.  She has asked for one for her birthday and Christmas for years.  Finally, during Spring Break we got a dog!  She said it was the best day ever… and of course our 8 year old son who is scared of dogs said it was the worst day ever.  One of the main reasons we wanted to get a dog NOW is to help our two younger children get over their fear of dogs.  The 8 year old has never had a bad experience, but will not go near dogs and has thrown numerous fits when walking to and from school with me if a dog comes near him.  Doesn’t matter what the size, from Chihuaua to St. Bernhard, they are all scary.  We’ve had our new puppy “Berit” now for about a week and half.  Everybody likes her, even the boys.  The boys are slowly getting close to her.  Now they will both pet her as she rests or is asleep, and my 8 year old actually helped “walk” her with Daddy this morning.  I am so proud of them!


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